About Us

Everyone's Smart University (ESU) is an educational entity with a unique business model. It is located in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) under a registration No. FZE- 2011- 21, license No. 4248. ESU provides all its courses remotely with professional and international accreditations. In addition, it is registered as a global brand. The university aspires to establish another educational entity or acquire it.

Our Vision

We become the first educational institute to embrace the principle of a cooperative educational community, providing science for business to develop and build the societies.

Our Mission

To promote knowledge, encourage innovation, and provide higher education programs with high-quality content at nominal prices that suit everyone.

Our Goals

  • To enable all members of Arab societies everywhere in the world to complete their university education;
  • To transfer knowledge through Arabization and translation;
  • To encourage cooperation and solidarity among society members;
  • To increase educational content and enrich Arabic libraries with research and translations;
  • To transfer knowledge from the educational activities to the real world.

Our Values

  • We support scientific integrity in research, knowledge transfer and providing open sources.
  • Anyone who can’t afford the cost of the fees is the most worthy and our first priority to learn.

Our Philosophy

Knowledge and learning is a right for everyone, and it is the responsibility of the society members to preserve this right.

Our Promise

Not to prevent anyone from his right to learn.

Why does everyone prefer Everyone's Smart University?