Bachelor of Digital Media

Digital media content is a vital form of communication and marketing that companies can use to communicate with their target audience. The Bachelor of Digital Media provides opportunities for students to explore modern digital communication trends and technologies, including various digital media theories, standards, and technologies, and learn how to use these media tools to meet any challenges in today’s media environments. Students will explore different aspects of digital media and gain strong knowledge, including theoretical and practical industry-based understanding.

This program is delivered online, focusing strongly on theories, skills, and ideas through theoretical and practical approaches to digital media challenges and solutions. Students will be assessed by individual and assignments.


  • Digital Media Professional
  • Audience Researcher
  • Digital Communication Specialist
  • Digital Media Designer
  • Digital Media Producer
  • Media Industry Specialist
  • Media Planner
  • Digital Communications Adviser

Program Learning Outcomes

The Bachelor of Digital Media gives students the capabilities and technical skills for a career in the digital media industry. Students will learn about:

  • Apply strategies to improve digital media plans and projects.
  • Demonstrate a professional level of written and verbal communication skills.
  • Demonstrate required knowledge and skills of technologies related to digital media.
  • Analyze multicultural consumers on media design trends.
  • Demonstrate understanding of digital video production, motion graphics, digital audio production, web content design, and Animation.
  • Use critical thinking to solve industry-related challenges in real-world media.
  • Implement their understanding of the digital media foundations to apply the storytelling concepts to create effective digital communication.
  • Demonstrate technical skills in digital media to apply principles of planning, analysis, and design of digital media projects.


Code Term 1   Prerequisites
ENG101 English Language 1 5  
DGM110 Introduction to Media and Communication 3  
DGM113 Introduction to Digital Media 3  
MGM111 Principles of Management 3  
  Term 2    
ENG102 English Language 2 5  
DGM121 The History of Communication 3  
DGM124 Introduction to Advertising 3  
PMG101 Foundations of Project Management 3  
  Term 3    
DGM131 Introduction to Social Media 3 DGM110
DGM136 Theories of Mass Communication 3 DGM110
CMM201 Communication Skills 3  
MGM112 Introduction to Economics 3  
  Term 4    
DGM211 Consumer Behaviour 3 DGM110
DGM214 Digital Photography 3 DGM113
ENG201 Business English 3  
STA201 Probability and Statistics 4  
  Term 5    
DGM221 Brand Experience 3 DGM110
DGM227 Screenwriting 3 DGM124
ITC202 Internet and Information Technology 3  
MGM303 Entrepreneurship 3  
  Term 6    
DGM232 Advertising Strategies 3 DGM124
DGM235 Digital Journalism 3 DGM110
DGM238 Creativity & Innovation 3 DGM113
MGM204 Principles of Marketing 3  
  Term 7    
DGM312 Digital Media Analysis and Design 4 DGM113
DGM315 Digital Broadcasting 3 DGM110
DGM318 Visual Communication 3 DGM136
MGM333 Introduction to Research Methods 3  
  Term 8    
DGM322 Digital Media Account Management 3 DGM113
DGM325 Video Production 3 DGM110
DGM326 Animation Theory 3 DGM110
MGM227 Principles of Accounting 3  
  Term 9    
DGM332 Strategic Media Planning 3 DGM110
DGM333 Sales and Negotiation 3  
DGM336 Motion Graphics 3 DGM326
MGM237 Introduction to Finance 3  
  Term 10    
DGM412 International Communication 3 DGM136
DGM414 Digital Media Ethics, Law, and Internet Policy 3 DGM110
MGM243 Human Resource Management 3  
DGM461 Degital Media Final Project 3  
Student fees do not exceed 140 US dollars per semester.