Master of Entrepreneurship

Master of Entrepreneurship

This program is designed to deliver the knowledge and skills needed for building an entrepreneurial environment. In the Master of Entrepreneurship, student learn how to work on and develop new ventures through entrepreneurial ideas and actions. In this program, you will learn about modern concepts, tools, and techniques to implement new venture opportunities. In addition, student will  gain the required knowledge and skills to engage organizations and individuals in corporate and social entrepreneurship. Moreover, student will be equipped with entrepreneurial concepts to grow and become more innovative.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Master different entrepreneurial methodologies, knowledge,practices on different ventures.
  • Gain knowledge in entrepreneurship-related areas, including innovation, management,organizational behavior, strategic planning.
  • Learn  to select, organize and apply venture approaches in the real world.
  • Master the knowledge of product and service development to apply them in real world ventures.
  • Improve the communications and negotiation skills considering different local and global cases.

Teaching Methodology:

The program will be delivered through online lectures and discussion’s sessions.

Degree Requirements:

To earn a Master of Entrepreneurship, the student must complete a minimum of 30 credit hours of credit towards graduation. It is the student’s responsibility to be aware of current requirements and to frequently consult with the  advisor about the  progress toward satisfying requirements. .

Plan of Study

Term 1

 Entrepreneurship & Innovation


3 Credits

 Entrepreneurship Leadership & Organizational Behavior


3 Credits

 Product Analysis & Development


3 Credits

Term 2

Design Thinking


3 Credits

Persuasion & Negotiation Skills


3 Credits

Entrepreneurial Strategies


3 Credits

Corporate Entrepreneurship


3 Credits

Term 3

Entrepreneurial Financing


3 Credits

Entrepreneurial New Ventures


3 Credits

Research Project


3 Credits




$ 1200 Per Semester

In cooperation with MIDOCEAN University