• How much are the tuition fees?

    Undergraduate Program Fees:
    Student fees vary according to the program 

    • Bachelor of Management (250$) per term.
    • Bachelor of Project Management  (250$) per term.
    • Bachelor of Information Technology (450$) per term.

    Master's Program Fees:
    Student fees vary according to the program:

    • “Master of Management” program ($720) per term.

    • “Master of Project Management” program ($770) per term.

    • “Master of Risk Management” program ($900) per term.

    • “Master of Cybersecurity” program ($1200) per term.

    • "Master of Digital Media" program ($725) per term.


    PhD Program Fees:

    Option 1: Join a PhD program only, the fee is $6000 per year.

    Option 2: Join a PhD program and work as an Associate Lecturer, the fee is $1000 per year.

  • What are the study programs offered by Everyone’s Smart University?

    Bachelor of Management
    Duration: 10 semesters.

    Bachelor of Project Management
    Duration: 10 semesters.

    Master of Management
    Duration: 3 semesters.

    Master of Project Management
    Duration: 3 semesters.

    Master of Risk Management
    Duration: 3 semesters.

  • What is the study system at Everyone’s Smart University – in person or online?
    The study system is entirely online.
  • What are the university accreditation?

    Everyone’s Smart ESU is an international ESU, licensed in the United Arab Emirates. In addition, it has a commercial registration in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The ESU is accredited by the International Project Management Association (IPMA), which is a scientific research organization, based on Switzerland. The organization works through the co-operation between local and regional associations. Besides, it represents one of the most significant references in management. The organization gained the recognition of most countries all over the world which means recognition of all educational organizations that obtained its accreditation.

    Also, ESU gained the international accreditation from the Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges and Universities (ASIC) in UK. ASIC accreditation enjoys a high international acceptance. In addition, ASIC is a member in CHEA (CIQG) in the United State of America. Moreover, it is included in the International Directory, in addition to being a member in the British Quality Foundation and European Distance and E-learning Network. Also, the ESU aspires to get the accreditations of the Ministries of Education in many countries.

  • Who is the provider of the certificate?

    The certification is issued by Everyone’s Smart University.

  • What is the duration of study for the semester?

    The University adopts the trimester system for both of Bachelor and Master programs. The period of each semester shall be 13 weeks include the period of exams.

  • What is the approved time for the lectures?

    All lecture times at the university depends on the time of Makkah Al-Mukarramah .

    Lectures are uploaded weekly, and discussion panels are held in the evening.

  • What is the language of the courses and lectures?

    The scientific material is in English while the lectures and communication with the faculties are in Arabic.

  • Is it possible to move from other universities and equivalent courses?

    The University does not accept any transformation from other universities. In addition, the equation of courses is not acceptable.

  • Is it necessary for the student to register and download courses every semester, or it will be automatically downloaded?

    In each semester, the student shall register from his account on the Academic Portal in order to have the ability to add courses.

  • What are the procedures needed in case of delaying the semester, in order to avoid the payment of the fees?

    The student must contact directly with the Admission and Registration Department before the beginning of the semester to request the delay before the beginning of the semester, hence, avoiding the payment or he can transform the paid fees to the next semester.

  • Will the student be exempted from paying the semester fees in case of apologizing after the beginning of the semester, and according to the date described in the academic calendar?

    No, he will not be exempted from paying the fees in case of apologizing after the beginning of the semester.