Everyone’s Smart University scholarships

Everyone’s Smart University provides the scholarships to some certain categories of the students on which the conditions are applied.

The scholarships include the following disciplines: 

  • Bachelor of Project Management.
  • Bachelor of Management.
  • Master of Project Management.
  • Master of Management.
  • Master of risk Management.


Categories entitled to have the Scholarships:

Name of the scholarship

Scholarship percentage of the fees

Demanded term grade to complete the scholarship

Ratio from the total number of each program’s students

Other notes and conditions

Scholarship provided to the embassies




1-      The students are chosen by the Arab and foreign embassies.

2-      The scholarship shall be completely cancelled if the student transferred to another college or couldn’t pass (6) credit hours within the academic year.

People with special needs (impaired mobility (, Patients with chronic and serious diseases





Students shall have not less than 50% of handicap (according to a competent physician)

Research scholarship




The students who, in the name of the university, published research in a scholarly scientific magazine, or provided a scientific paper to a conference shall have a scholarship to cover the term instalment in which the research has been published. The value of the scholarship shall be increased according to the magazine categorization in the accreditation List of the scientific journals approved by ESU.


Sons of employees’ scholarship



The father/mother of the student shall be an employee in ESU. In case of service termination, he must have served not less than 5 years.

Top tire of the Bachelor students



10 scholarships in all disciplines

Provided to the top tire students who completed their Bachelor program in ESU.


International partnerships’ scholarship



Provided to students nominated by the bodies according to the international partnerships’ agreements of ESU


Conditions needed to get the scholarships:

  • Request shall be provided through opening tickets directed to the Admission and Registration Department, in addition to attaching the required documents.
  • The student shall be regular in his study in the university, or at least has an initial admission notification.
  • The scholarships shall be according to the number of seats provided by ESU.
  • The student shall be able to hear and speak well in order to can communicate with the others properly.
  • The student shall have the ability to use technology appropriately as the study is completely remotely, and needs some skills in using the computer.
  • If the student has more than one scholarship, the scholarship with the highest value shall be approved while cancelling the others.
  • If the student has a scholarship from outside the university to cover one or more term, or to include the value of the credit hours needed to his graduation, the new scholarship shall be approved while the previous ones for the same terms shall be cancelled.