Undergraduate Programs

Terms and standards for Bachelor’s Program Admission

General Terms

  •  Successfully passing any test or personal interview, and fulfilling any other conditions determined by the Administration of Registration and Admission and which announced at the time of admission.
  •  Paying tuition fees of the semester according to the due fees of each specialty, knowing that the fees are not retrievable in case of regression from the university.

Terms of joining the Bachelor program:

To join the Bachelor program of Everyone’s Smart University, it is conditioned to:

  • Attach the high school certificate or its equivalent: The applicant shall have the high school certificate, or the equivalent qualifications, knowing that there is no subject’s equalization for the Diploma or any other certificates.

  • Attach a copy of ID card or passport: The applicant shall attach a copy of his passport or his ID card, provided that the available document is valid.

  • To attach a copy of the student’s contract, knowing that it can be got through the registration form on the University Website.

The applicant shall fill all details of the contract of the program to which he shall join, add the hand signature on each page, then upload it in the registration form.

Admission Mechanism for Bachelor Program:

  • Admission shall be one time before the start of the academic year in fall term, yearly, according to the specified period published on the University Website.

  • Submit an admission application through the University Website via the registration page.

  • Following registration, the application shall be reviewed by Admission and Registration Department, and all notes shall be sent to the student via the email, which he specified.

  •   The admission priority shall be to those who have the highest grades.

  • Fees shall be paid through the payment link, which shall be sent through the email added in the application. The academic number shall be issued after payment and completion of the admission requirements.

  • The philosophy of the university is represented in education is a right for everyone, so students from different nationalities are accepted.

  • It shall not be conditioned for the student to have the high school certificate during a specific number of years.

The following steps shall be adhered to successfully complete the registration:

  • Logging into the University website and choosing the registration option.

  • Filling the form of the admission application divided into three parts include: (Academic Information, Student information, files needed to be uploaded)

  • Attaching the high school certificate or its equivalent on PDF format.

  • Attaching the academic record, if any, on PDF format.

  • Attaching the ID card or the passport on PDF format.

  • Downloading the student contract, and signing all its pages, then uploading it on PDF format

  • Reading and accepting the regulation of Admission and Registration, then choose (submit) option, knowing that the University apply the trimester system during one year.