Everyone’s Smart University

Private educational institution enables society members to complete their learning remotely

Registering in semester courses procedures

The student obtains his account data in the educational portal (Moodle) after being accepted into the program which enables him to register for the semester courses after completing the payment of the semester fees.

Study system: 

Students will be evaluated remotely through Moodle

Attendance system and electronic platform 

The attendance of students will be remotely through the virtual classes in the educational portal (Moodle).

Fees and Payment Procedures 

Fees paid before the start of the semester. Accepted students will be informed of the payment procedures before the beginning of each semester by E-mail.

Withdrawal or apology for the semester 

The student has the right to apologize for continuing to study a semester without being considered failed, if he submits an excuse acceptable to the body specified by the University Council. This is within a period determined by the executive rules approved by the University Council, taking into consideration that the semester fees are not refundable.

Evaluation mechanism, tests and grade distribution 

The distribution of grades depends on the nature of the course, as students are evaluated remotely through the methods described below: 

One final exam. 

Midterm exam – depending on the nature of the subject. 

Other duties such as discussion, assignments, research and “quizzes”. 

Attending and interacting in the virtual lectures of the course and completing the accompanying tasks.

Student Manual – Arabic
Student Manual – English